Babus Laxminarayan Chiwda

“Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach.”

Taking this sensation forward, our chiwda has come a long way from a tiny little food stall at Rewari railway station in Haryana 77 years ago to where it is now.

Laxminarayan Chiwda did not turn into Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda overnight. It was an initiative that took years in the making. We were once just a means to provide hungry travellers with a snack at the Rewari railway station.

Shri Laxminarayan Ji led this stall with utmost enthusiasm, but it did not last long due to a disagreement with an English officer. After the move from Rewari, his journey across the country led to the inventiveness of our famous Poha chiwda. It continues to be savoured by patrons across the world. Made in Pune but influenced by several regions across the country. In 1945, Shri Laxminarayan used all he had learned from his travels to start selling the Poha chiwda. Punekars soon came to love the taste of the delectable snack. And the brand started resonating with every gourmet soul across the city!

Taking lessons from Shri Laxminarayan, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda drive towards bringing joy by serving the ‘best snacks in Pune’.


Staying relevant to this day, our current Managing Director Prashant Data has always made it a point to grow with the times. With evolution, we have maintained our consistency in producing the best. An employee workforce proudly composed of 60% women workers, the latest and finest machinery that delivers the iconic Babus Laxminarayan Chiwda and our legacy of being the best chiwda in Pune is what keeps pushing us to provide you with the finest.

Taking the custom forward with a new generation outlook, Nivedita Data, our Marketing and Finance Director proudly ascends to the role and makes sure that what was set by her predecessors’ powers through.

With our growing online presence and export network, we made our place in people’s hearts worldwide. From the USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Israel and many more – as long as their love keeps pouring, our family of chiwda lovers continues growing.

Meet Our Directors

Prashant Data (MD) and Nivedita Data Garg (Marketing Director)


As we grew, so did our range of snacks. Going beyond our classic Poha chiwda, we ushered into the world of multiple new flavours-

  • Tempting Potato Chiwda
  • Crunchy Corn Chiwda
  • Healthy Lite Chiwda
  • Maharashtrian Style Shabuflakes Chiwda
  • Royal Badam Chiwda
  • Farsan, Boondi, Dry Fruits, and many more
Famous Snacks In Pune

At Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda, we didn’t just stop at creating new flavours. We made sure our snacks wrapped deep and meaningful emotions. We made our packets more vibrant in colour. Wonder how we got this idea? It was an evening of Ambedkar Jayanti, and the procession’s vibrancy struck a chord with us. That was when we decided to colour-code our packets in shades of red, blue, and green and gave them a distinctive design. Further, we added the word BABUS before the LAXMINARAYAN BEST CHIWDA to pay tribute to our second-generation leader Shri Babulal Data, also fondly known as Babu in the world of namkeens.

Best Snacks In Pune
laxminarayan chiwda


When asked, “what makes a great brand?”, everyone tends to describe the output of the brand i.e. the experience that a consumer has when it comes to product, price, promotion and place. Everyone talks about the end result, and not what it takes to “make a brand great”.

The Making

In case of Laxminaryan Chiwda, it was sheer penchant of chiwda-making that laid the foundation of the brand in Pune, when Mr. Laxminarayan Data, founder of the massive enterprise, had begun the journey by selling the taste of Maharashtra on the streets with a handcart. When this started in 1935, little did anyone imagine that the humble mixture of flattened rice flakes, peanuts and spices would be identified as the taste of Pune. Being a man of principles, among the first things Mr.Laxminarayan Data did was to get a license for the hawker’s business and subsequently to register the LaxmiNarayan Chiwda trademark. Today, four generations later, great passion for making chiwda, exhibiting a wide range of flavors and providing best quality to customers, thus, Laxminarayan chiwda is now known as ‘the taste of Pune.’