What to eat when you fast?

What to eat when you fast

Fasting is a big part of Indian culture, primarily in Hinduism. There are several days throughout the month when people religiously observe fasts on the occasion of Ekadashi, Chaturthi or specific days of the week. Many of you may remember your family fasting on special events and preparing a plate full of delicacies while breaking the fast!

While typically, upwaas requires you to abstain from consuming food, people still eat specific foods for sustenance during this period. Upwaasacha faral, as we call it in Maharashtra, is a famous snacking market in itself! It includes lip-smacking delicacies from potato chips and fritters to chiwda. So, do you prefer to snack during your upwaas or fast without consuming any food?

Don’t leave your stomach empty!

Fasting for long intervals is not for everybody. Some people may be used to enduring hunger for a long time, while others may get restless. People have varied capacities and health issues which can react differently to fasting. Holding upwaas for a significantly longer period can make you feel fatigued and drained and may cause you to faint suddenly.

The solution?

Nibble on a wide range of special snacks without hesitation. Be it khichadi, thalipeeth or Pune’s best LaxmiNarayan Chiwda, float through your fasts easily!

What do people eat during upwaas?

If you are thinking about what other people snack on during their upwaas, we have many options. Here are a few popular dishes that people around you frequently munch on during their upwaas days –

– Sabudana khichadi

Sabudana khichadi is an all-time favourite dish of every Maharashtrian. Made with sago, this khichadi is a rich source of carbohydrates and keeps you filled for longer. People readily eat it during upwaas and also regularly relish it for breakfast too! You can cook this khichadi in a few minutes if you feel hungry during your fast.

– Selective fruits and vegetables

Almost all fruits are permissible to be eaten during upwaas. Vegetables, on the other hand, have a few restrictions. You can eat vegetables like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin and cucumber to sustain yourself while fasting for days.

– Upwaasacha thalipeeth

Upwaasacha thalipeeth is a healthy meal many people prefer during their fast. It is made with bhagar, rajgira, singada or sago flour mixed with potato and spices. Since grains and pulses are not permissible during upwaas, this thalipeeth is the best thing to have with some yoghurt on the side.

– Upwaasacha Chiwda 

Now that we have glanced through all the traditional snacks, there is one prominent snack item that people have preferred for many years. And that is Chiwda! Maharashtra’s favourite snack has become so popular that it is sold in affordable packets in every store. Pune’s best Babus LaxmiNarayan Chiwda is also the perfect option for your upwaas. The Shabuflakes chiwda and Potato chiwda are excellent snacks to munch on whenever you feel hungry while fasting. The chiwda is an ideal blend of salty and sweet and can quickly help you get through a few days of rigorous upwaas.

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