The GIFT that’s outside the BOX

The GIFT that’s outside the BOX

Festivity : It is the oil that keeps the cogs of celebrations going smoothly. But what fuels festivity?

Sharply dressed for an evening of elaborate celebrations, meeting, mixing with families and their “friends of friends”, sparking talks on favoured topics, and ending with a feast featuring various delicacies serves as the routine recipes of festivity. 

But beyond that, there exists the secret ingredient that makes festivities, well – “festivities”. Be it a birthday, a festival, or any other occasion, the anticipation and the immediate amazement upon receiving gifts contributes greatly to the celebratory mood. 

Every occasion becomes better with the simple gesture of giving gifts. And showing gratitude doesn’t get any better than gifting savouries that everyone savours greatly. So, for this thought, which many like for being outside of the box, there exist multiple gift boxes.  Now, be it birthdays, ceremonies, formal parties, or festivals, be prepared to fill people’s faces with delight with the knowledge of the gift boxes.

Before we begin munching on a gift box’s benefits, let’s break down what a gift box is and how it wins over our affections. 

A gift box is a container sporting detailed designs. These designs share similarities with what’s inside the box and are always appealing to the eyes. When it comes to gift boxes, paying attention to the cover is just as crucial as being concerned with its contents. That’s why you will find not only the cover but even the contents centred around the occasion. A gift box during Diwali may sport colours that come into play during this season. Colours such as yellow, red, orange, and more. It may also host snacking items more popularly consumed during this time. While ones on Christmas eve may have brownies and other snacks that are more appropriate during that time. Due to the growing craze behind these boxes, companies continue innovating their products and flavours to market them better.

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s uncover and find the reasons that make us love the following gift boxes so greatly.

The Provenance Collection Gift Box:

Provenance is known for delivering the ultimate foodie experience by assembling assorted savouries. Prepare to light up your appetite this Diwali with their range of specially designed gift hampers. Out of all these, their Provenance Collection Gift Box generates the most appeal. Packed with varieties of almonds such as chilli cheese, smoked, and more, black pepper cashews, a set of six cookies, and more, this box is packed to deliver the most delight this Diwali.


Cadbury, the ones known to bind families with their spellbound taste, are not ones to stay from hopping on the gift box’s trend train. Much like their innumerable sweet treats, Cadbury continues the tradition by serving multiple gift box options. They work their magic under names such as Cadbury Celebrations, Warm Wishes, Oreo Moments, Cadbury’s Happy Diwali, and more. Each of these boxes delivers the full festive feel by capturing the festival’s spirit with the choice of contents and visual look. Dairy Milk Silk Oreo, Silk’s Oreo Red Velvet variation, and Dairy Milk Crackle are some of the many combinations they assemble to wow your senses during festivals.

Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda:

The festival of lights can’t get celebrated fully without feasting on snacks that speak to the soul of this city. The timeless love directed towards us shows time and again our place in your hearts, minds, and plates. Gift boxes from Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda always deliver a treat that’s just right for festivities by bundling together three lip-smacking chiwda flavours. With these boxes by your side, even the finest celebrations get an upgrade in no time.


If you haven’t yet, then find a reason to gift one of these and feast on the joy of seeing people’s faces fill with delight.

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