The CHIWDA Theory: Missing out on the best namkeen snack?

laxminarayan chiwda

The love of namkeen is not to be compromised! Find out more about Pune’s Favourite Snack!   

Can’t find the healthy namkeen Indian snack for your tea time? Something sweet, salty, and compliments your perfect cup of tea? 

A survey suggests that every 8 out of 10 Indians are replacing at least one meal with snacks, focusing more on flavour and enjoyment. The love of namkeen snacks or the snack-ability of every Indian household is unparalleled. From having every namkeen available at home for every occasion and break to keeping snacks ready for all those unannounced guests. 

A Local Favourite
A local favourite of Punekars and one of the oldest namkeen snacks, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda could be your new favourite. A must-try chiwda that every local in Pune is loyal to, be it for taste, flavour and tradition. A household favourite of the locals, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is a quick healthy snack! 

The journey of the tasty Poha Chiwda began at the railway station in Rewari and continues to be the savoury choice of snack for generations to come. Travelling through different lands and cultures, the Poha Chiwda taste took years in making. Despite the trouble of moving, a blessing in disguise, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is an all-time favourite.

The Emotions of a Snack
Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is not just a snack, but the emotion of many locals. Catering to the needs of the locals away from home and dedicating   their time to expand their reach to wider horizons. Babus Laxminarayan is making its mark as a favourite all across. A healthy namkeen snack that resembles the emotions of home and taste that takes you back in time, Babus Laxminarayan is bringing happiness to all chiwda lovers! 

“I’ve been separated from my family for over two years because I’ve been in America. I get homesick when I remember the golden evenings made perfect with the best snack in Pune- Babus Laxminarayan Chiwda.” Says Aryan Malhotra who is pursuing his studies in the USA. With the rising exports of the chiwda, we export our products to every country by making their place in everyone’s heart. 

Chiwda Relief and Reconnect! 
“After stumbling across a pack of Babus Laxinarayan Chiwda’s Poha Chiwda in a store nearby, I can now relive memories by enjoying my tea time over a video call with my parents.” Aryan Malhotra is one of the many chiwda fans who can’t get enough of our legendary comfort snack. Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda provides happiness in packets to every chiwda lover in the world. 

Reconciling families through nostalgia and memories of back home, something as small as a packet of chiwda can contain innumerable stories attached to it. The power of emotion can go a long way for someone who misses home. The perfect healthy namkeen snack and companion for those nostalgic days.

Choosing the right snack!
Made with love and cultures all over the country, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is a combined love of many tastes and flavours absorbed through spreading the happiness of the best snacks. Providing the best homely snack for a quick trip back home, Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda is the perfect snack! 

Take the healthy snack home with you and indulge in the sweet and savoury taste of chiwda. For all the chiwda lovers out there missing home, don’t miss out on Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda!

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