Snacks Narrate Diwali Tales

Snacks Narrate Diwali Tales

It is that time of the year again, the time for tasting traditional treats, accompanied by the meet and greet with our extended families. These activities are what spark the spirit of Diwali in everybody. 

Diwali, which celebrates the return of Lord Rama and his wife Sita to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, is an annual festival that fascinates many globally. Vibrant threads, sweets, savouries, and lamps light up the mood during Diwali.

The festival of lights brightens the night with wide smiles. Our faces serve these smiles by savouring the sights of delicious Diwali delights. 

Same as with every festival, the food here provides a big boost to the festive mood. The festivities feel complete when their amazing aromas appeal to our senses. Much like the vibrant rangolis, their very, many varieties colour our palate and make up for memorable Diwali moments.  

Foods do leave an impact, but ever wonder what that impact is? What tasteful times do they leave behind in people’s lives? Surely such memories are worth sharing and savouring.

With this year’s Diwali due to illuminating lives soon, people dive deep down their memory lane to tell tales of snacks that made their Diwali great.

Gulab Jamun

Bhopal’s Riddhi shares the sweet practice of snatching all the Gulab Jamuns every Diwali. Gulab Jamuns, these chashni-covered crimson orbs get cherished by all. And Riddhi is no exception. “To me, Diwali is all about the sweetness from the tender Gulab Jamuns that simply melt in the mouth”, says Riddhi. She narrates that during the Diwali season, every corner of her home gets decked with delicacies. Of these, the tempting texture and the craving-inducing aroma of the Gulab Jamuns easily stand apart. “During Diwali, my home gets flooded with relatives and sweets. I enjoy gobbling Gulab Jamuns at every turn of my place. My cousins used to get irritated, but now they are used to the habit of not getting any”, she adds while sharing a sweet laugh. 


Sia from Hyderabad remembers Shankarpalis. Not from lanterns or elaborate engagements, she states that the light for her Diwali comes from the box of Shankarpalis prepared by her friend. “Diwali has a unique way of making people smile, and it surely comes in the shape of Shankarpali”, says Sia. To Sia, these crunchy, diamond-shaped sweets do more than sweeten her Diwali. Hidden behind the tough exterior and the lasting flavour of Shankarpalis is a sweet gesture, a gesture that strengthens their friendship and makes it stand the test of time. “The crunch from her Shankarpalis is more pleasing to me than crackers during Diwali”, she adds. 


Diwali for Nagpur’s Guru revolves around the spiral savoury that is Chakli. Since taking his first steps, Guru remembers roaming around his kitchen, seeing his mother repeat the cycle of cooking the best Chaklis every Diwali. “My every Diwali began by munching on mom’s perfect – at times a little salty, but always my favourite Chaklis”, Guru states. Now under the hospitality of a different city, Guru misses the lip-smacking, eye-squinting, salty flavour of his mom’s jagged and spiralled Chaklis. “Though travelling back is not an option at times, I buy a box of Chaklis from the nearest store and enjoy them with my parents over a video call. The Diwali days of the old then become as good as new”, says Guru. 


Waking up to the pleasing smell of Gujiya or Karanji filling the house from the kitchen is the best way to begin Diwali for Pune’s Gauri. “From our favourite sweet shop, my family fills the home with sweets and savouries – except for Karanji. Everyone loves the coconut-flavoured Karanjis made by my grandma. So, that is what I look forward to every Diwali”, she says. Gauri tells the annual tale of staying stuck to her grandma until she serves her the steaming, sweet, coconut-flavoured Karanjis. 


Such sweet stories surely sweeten the wait for Diwali. On this Diwali, spread your sweet tales to boost the festive mood of those around you.

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