Chiwda Bola: Main, Chai aur Baarish. Your every-season snack!

Your every-season snack

Dear Diary, 

The crisp of recent events has made me soft! The lovely hoomans aside, the weather has changed my feelings. Although, the weather brings me to the table more often. I love how the hoomans change their eating habits according to the season, but I seem to be the only constant for every snack and every mood!

There is some kind of heaviness in the air now, a little humid, a little warm but pleasant nevertheless. I wondered what it was. I heard other snackers talking about how it ruined them. I knew what it was. I was wondering what it was. Then I knew it. Monsoon! The rains were here already! 

I was delighted yet I knew it won’t change me! Never me. It’s like we have a crisp bond! Plus the added benefit of the weather, I get to meet chai more often! What a time to be out and snacking. Chai seems like a great girl to hang out with. All I could look forward to was meeting her today. 

Then I heard the hooman, opening cupboards and moving vessels. It looked like I would meet chai today after all. Chai, rain and me, the pretty hooman seems to be living her best life! After fixing a few crinkles here and there, I was out there next to chai! 

Chai seemed happy, her usual joyous and cheerful self, chatting away and telling me about her day. I love listening to her talk about her day. It’s a nice, warm seat with chai. The weather was perfect to call it a …  date? No? I’m just kidding. She’s a nice friend and all. I’ll see her again tomorrow. Maybe chat more. Her insights are quite funny and great!

For someone who’s lived in a closet for so long, every season brings out a different feeling in me. Almost like I’m a hooman? I’ve come to love hoomans and their quirks. Their love for seasons and only one treat. A love for monsoon and hourly snack times. I love my life as a Chiwda. Truly the BEST I could ever get! 

Back to the closet, with crisper bonds. I should get some rest now. Some rest today to snack another day! 

Babus laxminarayan best chiwda.

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