Lite Chiwda: Your go-to healthy snack

Craving a crunchy snack but don’t want the guilt? Your search ends at Babus Laxmi Narayan Best Lite Chiwda. This Light Crispy mix of puffed rice, poha and nuts is your perfect companion for snacking any time. Be it your evening tea time or a fun movie marathon, Lite Chiwda‘s balanced flavours and nutritious ingredients will satisfy your taste buds without compromising your health goals.

Babus LaxmiNarayan has mastered the art of creating Indian mixes and namkeens for over 60 years. Their signature Lite Chiwda is a testament to their experience – it achieves the perfect blend of spices and seasonings for maximum taste with minimum oil. Each crispy morsel bursts with flavours of fresh crispy ingredients without the greasiness found in most fried mixes.

The first striking thing about Lite Chiwda is how feather-light it is. The puffed rice and poha provide volume without density, making the mix airy yet crunchy. Secondly, the choice of ingredients hits a balance of nutrition and flavour. Puffed rice is high in manganese and folate, poha is rich in iron, and the nuts provide healthy fats and protein. Together, these make Lite Chiwda a healthy snack you can feel good about.

Finally, the moderate spice level adds excitement to your palate without an unpleasant after-burn. The spice powders are balanced so that the flavours of rice, poha and nuts still come through. This makes it perfect for serving guests a taste of Maharashtrian flavour without risking that the heat will be too much for some. For extra flavour without spice, try the Chiwda with Nuts which incorporates dry fruits and makhana into the mix.

Whether as an office snack or a fun indulgence, while streaming your favourite show, its combination of lightness, nutrition and taste is unmatched. With a long shelf-life and easy-to-carry packaging, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy and still share with friends anytime and anywhere!

As mentioned before, this chiwda is not only for the foodies but also the fitness freaks. With an assortment of healthy ingredients and an apt knowledge of flavours, Lite Chiwda is one of the best snacks when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The presence of protein-filled nuts, and rice flakes rich in potassium, niacin, sodium, magnesium and sev that contains low cholesterol, together make a great snack for diet-conscious people.
With the season of getting cosy in a blanket on your doorstep, it’s finally time to stock up on a few packs so you’re never without this healthy snack for your cravings or to entertain surprise guests. This is an open invitation to the foodies, the diet-conscious people, the fitness freaks or someone who’s just looking for an evening snack to rush to the nearest retail store that sells the Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Lite Chiwda and get snacking!

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