Laxminarayan Style Chivda: The Best Tea-Time Snack

A general Diwali snack or a tea-time snack for everyone, chivda is always a favourite. The crispy and crunchy poha mixture consisting of nuts and spices is a perfect, flavourful munching item. The combination of nuts makes it a good option for a small break- time meal. The authentic recipe of Pune’s Laxminarayan style chiwda is tasteful and filling enough that it has acquired first place in everyone’s heart. 

A renowned name for savouries, Pune’s Laxminarayan Best chiwda is something not to be missed. For a tasteful snack, this is the most delicious one to go for. Going by the name “Best Chiwda” on the package, the delightful snack is about 70 years old and has been in demand ever since. It is also on the way to become a global brand. Luscious unique flavour, which is now recognized by all, this namkeen snack provides the right satiety for that small break time or tea time. A good quantity made at once goes for days. Stored in airtight containers, stays fresh for more than a month.

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