Healthy Indian snacks for the office

Healthy Indian snacks for the office

What makes it one of the healthy Indian snacks for the office?

A question that always attracts our attention is job satisfaction. Yet, during the daily 9-to-5 hustle and bustle – the satisfaction of the stomach is food for thought that’s easily forgotten. No, this is not another article about the “easy” and “healthy” foods to perk up the work mood. Today we tackle what lies in the middle. 

In between every customer call, in between every extremely long task, and in between every “waiting-for-the-will-to-work-to-arrive” moment, there exists a blissful break. A break that becomes great when snacking on the perfect snack.

It’s time to make Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda your desk’s new best friend. With each crackle in every bite, the sparkle that this taste brings to your eyes when combined with the refreshing energy packed in every pack makes Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda one of the healthy Indian snacks for the office.

Health is wealth. We have all heard that, but it doesn’t mean we must drop our work and devote 9-to-5 to a rigorous gym routine. Extremely health-conscious or not, we all know that to be happy – we must remain healthy. Wondering why a blog about snacks is telling you all this? Well, just like us and our many fans – it’s all connected. And like any good story, the satisfaction lies in the mystery. So keep reading!

Our chiwda, in its every variation, serves as a tasteful blend of flattened rice flakes, or “poha”, and a large variety of dry fruits and nuts. But, each and every one of the healthy Indian snacks for the office must be light enough to make room for lunch or light enough to keep sleep at bay when considering post-lunch but also energetic enough to keep you fresh for the day. 

With a large assortment of nuts and dry fruits to delight you with, our range of chiwda flavours contains combinations of peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts, and more that offer a dose of fibre to keep you full, fresh, and focused. 

Pair each crispy, mouthwatering bite with a sip of steaming hot tea to enter a state where you are no longer behind the desk. Because what’s nutrition without the promise of taste buds’ satisfaction? So, open up a pack, say hello to health, and slip away from workplace blues and into a zone that’s refreshing for you.

Savour Health In Many Flavours

Uniformity is good but when it’s about food that affects the mood, better let variations fill up the menu. Now that we know that Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda can serve as one of the healthy Indian snacks for the office, let’s find out which flavour works in your favour! 

  1. Cornflakes Chiwda
    When tastefully flavoured cornflakes meet peanuts, dry fruits, and a lot of stuff labelled under “strictly confidential”, you get a chiwda that delivers the boost to tackle work with a fresh attitude. Need something more? There’s a lot more in store!
  2. Lite Chiwda
    Is heavy work keeping you down? Let’s lighten the mood with a chiwda that promises taste without being a burden on your stomach! Try the Lite Chiwda to add a flavour of fun to the tiring days.
  3. Patal Poha Chiwda
    In the mood for chiwda? But mind filled with fitness fundas? We got just the flavour for ya! The Patal Poha Chiwda is what you need to set the mood when gloom looms over you!
  4. Poha Chiwda
    The first and the universally loved one, with the Poha Chiwda that packs the perfect combination of fried poha with lip-smacking spices, you don’t need any more reasons to open this pack. What you need is steaming hot tea to partner up with this delicacy!

The list does not end with this, there’s a whole lot more to keep your energy from ever getting low. To know more, just visit our website or drop by our store!

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