Everything You Should Know About Babus Laxminarayan Chiwda

Everything You Should Know

Pune is known for the diverse food it offers to people of literally every age and preference. The city houses some of the best places to eat that are decades old. One such food item that can qualify as a tradition in the city itself is Babus LaxmiNarayan Chiwda. The snack is a clear favourite amongst people for multiple reasons. Its taste, tradition and consistency are only a few of them.  

If you’re wondering how your favourite chiwda in the world came into existence, brace yourself! We are going to walk you through the brand’s history one delicious bite at a time. 

From Haryana to Pune – The chiwda that stole hearts 

For any enterprise to start and be profitable, there needs to be one person with a clear vision. In this case, that was Shri Laxminarayan Ji. He operated a tiny food stall at Rewari railway station in Haryana during India’s pre-independence era. The stall was a popular spot for hungry travellers where they could find affordable snacks for their journey. It was, however, shut down due to a disagreement that Shri Laxminarayan Ji had with an English officer. Without further reasoning, he had to pack his things up and move from Rewari. 

The birth of Pune’s favourite snack

Shri Laxminarayan Ji’s travels led him to be inspired and create the world-famous poha chiwda. The idea was birthed in Pune, but the chiwda and its flavours were inspired by many regions of India. In 1945, Shri Laxminarayan Ji started selling this chiwda which soon gained the affection and love of people from all over the city! 

Over the years, we expanded over the city and became a known name in every household. Our chiwda also struck a chord as a popular snack across the country. We also added the word Babus before the original LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda to tribute to the second-generation leader, Shri Babulal Data. 

Babus LaxmiNaryan Chiwda uses the same philosophy of delivering the country’s taste in every bite. Following Shri Laxminarayan’s footsteps, we have maintained the consistency and tradition of our brand and produced the best snacks that punekars can munch on.

Even now, we maintain a diverse employee workforce, use the finest machinery for our products, and provide a new-generation outlook to our brand. With the tremendous response of Maharashtrians across the globe, our chiwda has made a place for itself in the hearts of food lovers worldwide.

Evolution of flavours

Years ago, we started by selling a simple snack – our poha chiwda. Today, we have expanded to multiple flavours to keep up with popular customer demands. We are also known for our products like:
  • Corn flakes chiwda
  • Lite chiwda
  • Mix Farsan
  • Patal Poha Chiwda
  • Poha chiwda
  • Potato Chiwda
  • Shabuflakes Chiwda
  • Special Badam Chiwda
  • Farsan, Boondi, Dry fruits and more!
Babus LaxmiNarayan Chiwda has an extensive line of products known for its elevated taste and experience. We have established the right balance between the old and the new and remained a preferred snack for hundreds of people. Try our famous chiwda in mouth-watering flavours now!

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