Chiwda Bola: The Late-night Sneak Pack!

The Late-night Sneak Pack

Dear Diary,   

What a night! It’s 4 am and I cannot catch a crinkle of sleep. Wide awake during the day as well as during the night, the snacking pattern here is tough to figure out—odd little hooman with energy surges that keep him up and about all day and all night. Well, I’d gladly take credit for it.

I was up all day today and he wasn’t around to snack for a minute. I think he was out working and chilling with friends. Now it’s 4 am and he’s here, snacking and chilling. I was fast asleep and in deep slumber when he woke me up for a late-night snack! What odd human, I tell you! 

Not that I’m troubled that I am his favourite snack, but a little rest from this chiwda rush life would be okay. But another day and another chiwda story to build. The hustle of a chiwda packet never ends. I feel like an authentic, new-age snack these days, being everyone’s favourite choice. This snack life is never-ending.

The new favourite but no air, only health, crisps and amazing taste! Be it morning or night, summer or monsoon, I am everyone’s partner-in-chiwda! Especially this hooman, he seems very chill and laidback. A cool dude, I say! Although, I wouldn’t mind a goodnight’s sleep.

Overhearing his frequent conversations back home, I hear it in his voice how much he misses his family. Sharing packets of Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda every evening with his parents, he loves having the chiwda that reminds him of home every time. A snack that keeps his ties with home fresh and crisp!

A snack that can take you all the way back home, anytime and anywhere. A feeling of a home filled in a packet full of nutrition and taste. I’m that packet. Your home away from home. Isn’t that nice?

Another day, another hooman satiated with happiness. The packet that brings you back home after a long day in the hustle and bustle of life. I like saying this. At the end of the day, the feeling of home gives you comfort and love and so much more. Can you believe that a snack can be more than just a snack? Something like home. 

Just another day, another chiwda victory in my heart. I shall keep on carrying this snack legacy of happiness every day. Now that the hooman is asleep, about time I catch some sleep. 

Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda.

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