Chiwda Bola: Roz ki Bhaag Daud

laxminarayan chiwda

Dear Diary 

You will not believe where I am. Tied and stuffed into the smallest space on this shelf. What a packed area this is with biscuits, sweets and other bland treats. A Good day, they say, how is it a good day when I can’t even move without the biscuit hierarchy shushing me. Oh, just because I am crinkly and tied with a band, I’m subjected to this nonsense.

When will they realise that Poha Chiwda is the snack material everyone needs! In my long, long life, I have come across many tedhe medhe and lazy snacks. But none of them can level with the true power of chiwda. These snacks full of maida and no flavour will never compete with the authentic taste of Poha Chiwda. The second I leave this shelf is when I will conquer all tastebuds and rule as the rightful snack. 

Oh, Farsan! I can almost taste the victory! I cannot wait to get out! A bright light flashed on my face! I see a hand reach out to me. There is no going back. Back to the same old. 

And then the day began, I was pulled out of the packed closet! Put right in the middle of the messy and chaotic table full of hoomans rushing their early snack time. 

A wholesome tradition I get to be a part of when the family eats together. Catching up with each other, talking about what they have to do ahead and just taking time to hear each other out. Sitting here next to the chai, I hear the child speaking amicably to his parents about his friends and what they will do. Served on everyone’s plate, I feel like a big part of their morning routine. 

At the heart of the table, I was a favourite of the baccha party and the Aaji-Ajobas. I am on everyone’s mind. I go with every snack, drink and beverage on the table. The happiness I get ruling the table is impeccable. 

And whoosh, here they go. Another day, another house filled with flavours. I love my life, even if it’s in bits and pieces. The joy of spreading happiness to everyone across with something sweet, something salty and nutty but full of love. I prefer to think of myself as a chiwda saviour, someone who connects families during tea time – even when families are apart. Something to remember your loved ones by. 

I am not just a chiwda, I am Babus Laxminarayan Best Chiwda. I am an emotion. A true Chiwda warrior. A long journey, I started in the beginning, but here I am! Giving out a lot of flavour and love to everyone in my life. Now back to the shelf, another day conquered. A series of unexpected events is just another Monday in the life of Chiwda. 

With love, 
Poha Chiwda! 

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