Chai, Chiwda aur Barish: the perfect evening

Every time the cool monsoon breeze caresses our skin and the earthy aroma of the wet soil touches our breath, we get this irresistible urge to grab a quick crispy snack with a hot cup of tea (the revered “adrak wali chai”), sitting in our windows and balconies on a refreshing rainy evening. And to satisfy that irresistible craving and brew the perfect evening for you, here are the top 5 wholesome snacks options to complement your monsoon evenings.

1. Potato Chiwda

For the season that makes one addicted to a hot cup of tea, here’s the perfect addictive snack to compliment it. Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Potato Chiwda is an absolute delight for all the potato lovers out there. Made with thinly sliced potato flakes, peanuts, and dry fruits, this zesty snack is your go-to snacking option for a rainy evening cosied up under a blanket or for the one on the roads.

2. Patal Poha Chiwda

Diet conscious or not, the Patal Poha Chiwda is an excellent snacking option that is healthy and irresistibly tasty. A classic Maharashtrian food, it is made with flattened rice flakes, peanuts, and curry leaves. Loved by many, this authentic Indian snack will keep you munching on and on, savouring every flavour and moment.

3. Lite Chiwda

An authentic traditional bite, but crunchier, tastier and healthier, Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Lite Chiwda is one of the most loved Indian Namkeen of all time. Handpicked spices, mixed with the goodness of crispy ingredients and a rather low cholesterol content, this crunchy delight indulges one’s craving without any guilt. The perfect balance of healthy and tasty with the delightful contrast of flavours, Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Lite Chiwda is the go-to nutritious snack.

4. Badam Chiwda

Craving a nutty indulgence with a spicy twist? Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Badam Chiwda is the best evening snack for you. Savour the goodness of almonds and rice flakes, with a fiery touch of traditional Indian spices. While the crunchy almonds ensure a nutrition-packed bite, the spices enthral the flavours we crave, leaving you wanting more.

5. Shabhuflakes Chiwda

Tantalize your taste buds with a delightful burst of flavours in every bite. Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Shabhuflakes Chiwda, a crunchy bite option for your monsoon snacks, is made with rice flakes, peanuts, and an assortment of spices. Besides being a classic munching option, its ingredients allow it to be consumed during Upvas and Vrats, making it the perfect snack to be stocked up in Indian households. The exquisite blend of turmeric, chillies, and cumin strikes the classic balance of tangy and spicy, making it one of the best evening snacks for you.

Indulge in the monsoon magic and savour every evening with Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Chiiwda’s delightful range of Chiwdas. From the flavours of Shabhuflakes and the spicy twist of Badam Chiwda to the irresistible tasty Patal Poha Chiwda, savoury and crispy Potato Chiwda and the nutrition-packed Lite Chiwda, these 5 chiwda options are the perfect monsoon companion of yours. Whatever the mood of the monsoon is, grab your favourite packet of chiwda and relish every moment with Babus LaxmiNarayan Best Chiwda.

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